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don't listen to my songs

2010-11-22 17:03:42 by QuarraCrew

guys if you haven't noticed, my songs are totally weak and do NOT demonstrate what i can do. they're merely experiments and i'm currently trying to work up the inspiration to make something a bit....


skill influx

2010-08-06 05:42:42 by QuarraCrew

skillz +1

songs done

2010-07-04 04:19:15 by QuarraCrew

'Sonar' and 'Heroic' are now considered complete.

songs done


2010-06-18 21:50:24 by QuarraCrew

'Sonar' WiP is up...

still working!

2010-06-07 22:15:45 by QuarraCrew

New WiP up, 'Elision'

Up and Running

2010-05-24 15:11:11 by QuarraCrew

Real 'news' soon.