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PdG - Tyranny PdG - Tyranny

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

dayum nyugguh

this beat is sexy

I have to say its a bit simple, though. the synths don't really occupy a lot of lows or have much texture. the entire synth line could have been a bit louder too. also the low mids could have been a bit more present, it sounds like im mainly hearing 1k+ on the bass.

criticisms aside nice job. 5'd

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Prodigal responds:

Thanks man. I understand that I could have done a lot better with this mixing and synth wise, but I got lazy and rushed the final product.

PdG - Agressive (WiP) PdG - Agressive (WiP)

Rated 5 / 5 stars


is hacks

Prodigal responds:


Beepmap is fun Beepmap is fun

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


:39 sounds like when seagulls start screeching.

at first one seagull starts it off and it encourages the others, so they all chime in

Prodigal responds:

Yeah dude, The first was was like " THAT FUCKING GUY HAS FRENCH FRIES" and it made the other 5 seagulls orgasm.

(WF1)Mysts of the unknown (WF1)Mysts of the unknown

Rated 4 / 5 stars

pretty impressive.

all 3 of you clearly have futures in music. =)

if you're interested in some actual raw advice, i have some.

watch the faders.

you underestimate the volume of certain sounds sometimes. everybody does at first.

don't get me wrong, this mix sounds clear. but it doesn't sound relaxed. some instruments sound a bit too 'gained up', it's a very particular sound that you'll only begin to hear after intense focus on mastering/mixing. just really listen hard for how quiet you can get away with placing a sound. that main plucking noise is the biggest offender in this mix, as well as the piano. there are various creative ways to solve this problem, just use your imaginations.

a hint - pay more attention to the actual function of sounds, what they need to do for the mix, the minimum requirements. that plucking noise doesn't need any click to survive. pieces of sound like this don't contribute very much to the song, and simply take up headroom.

a good mix comes from well-designed instruments, flow, and artistic flair.

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wyldfyre1 responds:

Constructive critisism is always welcome =). Thanks for yours and we're glad you enjoyed it.

`~Meteor Shower - Omi ~` `~Meteor Shower - Omi ~`

Rated 4 / 5 stars

huge respect as a friend

honestly just massive respect for you dude for even attempting this. its not even that bad.

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Stand Alone - Preview Stand Alone - Preview

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


your drum loop and melodies/sounds are all ridiculously organic, i love it.

my only problem is with your hard kick, it sounds too solid and feels detached from the sub. replace the sample, don't be afraid to turn up the volume, and make sure you sidechain it with the sub.

Jenni-Harry4eva3 responds:

Absolutely. I was sort of unsure about the kick. The snare I absolutely adored, but.. the kick is a little bit too hard for the track itself, and I even have the kick side-chained to the sub. Crazy stuff, but I think it's one of the points of the track. It gets on your nerves, but hey, it keeps your attention :) Thanks man.

Depth WIP Depth WIP

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

let the sub create pace

didnt have any problems with your intro, sounded good for something that was mixed on headphones.

your idea to have plenty of sub was a bit weirdly executed. with deep DnB like you're trying to do, you will absolutely NEVER get away with it unless your kick is huge. i think of it like this...a balance between depth and movement. depth is given by the sub. if you want a deep sub, it should play around the same volume as the kick and be quite 'alive'. movement on the other hand is offered by the kick drum. the kick drum is what moves absolutely EVERYTHING around. the kick moves the sub and the reese. the deeper the kick, the more the sub and reese will move (which is what you want). the reese offers liquidity and a distorted source of heat that compliments drums.


the kick is pretty much 100% related to how good the sub and reese sound. deeper kicks will support deeper basslines while still providing movement. the power of the snare is optional. usually the job of the snare is to provide the force that your kick drum is failing to give to the main harmonics of the reese.

for this particular mix i definitely think you need to amp up the depth of the kick. layer a sub kick on it, or gate a sub kick to it or something. put some slight chorus on the reese and when you make the kick better the subline should automatically move a bit more. make the sidechaining harder if its still weak.

that wasn't my main problem, though. i think the energy of the song was actually a bit dead for one reason. the reese was empty. you sort of had some kind of thin reese that only showed itself briefly. if you want plenty of sub and an 'atmospheric' reese, then you need to make sure that the reese is working directly to strengthen the beat.

place your reese strongly in time with your kicks and create movement with it instead of just playing it alongside the sub and desperately trying to come up with interesting LP modulation.

plenty of sub can sound good, but only if you make sure that all the other instruments are functioning properly to enhance the sub.

the kick - needs to be deeper and bigger.

the snare - totally fine if you want it like that, if you make the kick/bass/sub good enough it wont matter.

the sub - give it more power/pulse

the reese - dont confuse the beat. let the sub drive instead of trying to do freeform wobbles

anyway, forgetting about all that, the other stuff was sick :P sound relatively professional. we should definitely talk more (send me a PM), your stuff is good and your style is to listen to.

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MA3HbO responds:

Cheers for the nice review !
I totaly agree about the kick and the sub bass.I actually knew what i wanted to do ( as wierd as that sounds :D ) but it was really hard to do it on the headphones.I'll probably add a slight pitchbending to the sub and make it a bit lower.As for the kick, your are right!Adding a sub kick would really do the trick but maybe i'll change the present kick drum too.The bass on the other hand was quite random.
I didn't spend much time on it.It actually is completely unprocessed.The only effect that it has is a chorus from the synth itself ( and a LP filter obviously ) so
i guess some EQ is needed too.Anyway thanks again for the great review and i'll be sure to keep in touch!

Juice :: Px Juice :: Px

Rated 4 / 5 stars

your subline is pretty aggressive

really interesting FX here. only thing i have to say is that the snare needs to be louder

either that, or turn down your kickdrum a little bit.

oh and also, the pluck melody is cool :) :)

GrantProjectXero responds:

Yeah I agree. I will change that.

Thanks <33

Run the Machines :: Px Run the Machines :: Px

Rated 4 / 5 stars

gets good at 1:58

just some friendly advice here

i like that gated synth in the intro, it did a lot of good work for the song. you might want to see how it sounds an octave higher, though. also it would be effective to throw some reverb on it.

your drum samples are interesting. personally i dont think the velocity changes on the snare drum did much, you should keep it a constant volume.

lastly i think this would sound great if you lowpassed your bassline =)

pretty good work, im gonna look at 1 more of your songs now

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GrantProjectXero responds:

Hmmm, I will defiantly try that.

I think, I'm actually gonna make a DnB version of this song.

I'll try that :)

Thank you so much!

[Do a Barrel Roll-JaV] [Do a Barrel Roll-JaV]

Rated 5 / 5 stars

great song!

sorry about your girlfriend man, she was probably a whore anyway.

your mix is great. it was totally worth it man :) love the lyrics.